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Tagged by the unmerciful :iconchyphens:
01. You must posts these rules.
02. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
03. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
04. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.

01. I am terrible at making final decisions, honestly it's quite frustrating for others.
02. I do like fashion but I am quite lazy with it: when I get up in the morning I wear the first thing that I can grab out of the wardrobe, mainly because I'm not actually awake for another hour or so.
03. I keep meaning to come back to DA and spend all of my free time on it (as you should) but I just keep forgetting and never seem to have the time to nowadays. It's quite annoying. 
04. I never buy patterns for my cosplays, I usually draft them on scratch on pieces of newspaper. 
05.I hate pattern drafting because of all of the maths and the chance that it could be completely wrong but I love it when you sew the piece together and it looks just like you imagined it to. 
06. Considering how long i have been cosplaying I have not create a lot of cosplays XD
07. I'd quite like to create a youtube channel but I can't decide what I'd put on it (see 01.)
08. I mainly pick my cosplays on whether I like the character, can make the costume in time, and whether my body & face will fit the character properly. Subsequently there are a lot of characters that I'd like to do but can't XP
09. I am currently reading 3 books because I keep forgetting to read them and then start another XP
10. I only buy empire if I like the picture on the cover. I know that's bad but it's quite expensive and I want something nice to look at when I've finished it.

01. If you could make any part of your body (Hair, eyes, skin, right foot's big toenail etc) be forever able to change colour at will, what would it be?
Probably my eyes because I think it'd be easier than putting contacts in, yeah?
02. If you were a super-villain, what would your name and power be?
Super-Un-decider I can't mask decisions, It's a wonder I even became a super-villian
03. What do you think about tattoos and piercings in customer-facing service jobs?
I don't mind it but a lot of people do, maybe a lot ias a bit over the top as i'll probably being staring at them because they're so interesting.
04. Your country has decided to make a Bank Holiday in honour of you! What will your day be called and how will people celebrate it?
I literaly don't know day, people sit an answer tags for a whole day.
05. Would you rather have wings or water-breathing?
Water-breathing, it'd be fun to be able to go and look at all of the lovely fish and not worry about breathing (but still worry about the sharks)
06. Disney are going to make an animated film about you, in the style of their classics (Think Cinderella, Aladdin, Lion King). What would your most memorable song from your film be?
The tea rap, it's about how to make a proper cut of tea and it goes like this:…
07. A fast food chain are going to make a special limited edition burger in commemoration of you. What's in your burger and what would it be called?
The not-actual-meat burger 
08. What's your favorite fruit?
09. If you had to write a jingle to advertise and sell your favorite fruit, what would the lyrics be?
Oh Pomegranate, sweet pomegranate, why does nothing rhyme with pomegranate, you're making me look like a tit.
10. The world is ending. Only you, magical girl/boy, can save the world. What is your magical anime name and magical anime cute assistant uguu?
Saff-u and cute-pencil-maid save the world!!

As an update I would like to apologize for not uploading anything worth while in ages, I have made lots of stuff in this time and I am planning to get some lovely photographs of it to show you all (If I can find a photographer). Please send me spam if I forget as it's quite likely! 
  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: 1984- Bowie
  • Reading: The body snatcher- Louis Stevenson
  • Watching: Yogscast

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